Julia Turner

Ordering and Shipping:

Regular shipping policy: We make your pieces to order here in the studio, and send them as soon as they're finished- sometimes that's the same day, during busy periods it takes a little more time- but we'll make sure it leaves the studio within five business days. If you're in a rush, don't see what you're looking for, or have any questions at all- send us a note!

We ship within the US via USPS Priority mail for a flat rate of $6, or via UPS Ground for $10. If you need expedited shipping please contact us before placing your order. 

All jewelry pieces are shipped in a gift box, and if you'd like us to do anything like enclose a special note, keep pricing information out of the package, or do anything else to make the package arrive as you'd like, just send us a note.

Returns are gladly accepted on unworn pieces within 10 days of receipt. We'll refund your purchase, as well as your original shipping cost  (you'll only pay for shipping one way).

You can reach the studio by phone at 415-425-4019, or by email at inquiries@juliaturner.com. 


We treat your information the way we'd like ours to be treated: we'll never share it with anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it possible to order a necklace in a slightly longer or shorter length?

A: Sure! Almost all of them can be modified and we're happy to adjust by an inch or two at no extra charge. Please measure a necklace that you like (or just use a piece of string) by holding it end to end against a ruler or tape measure, and send us that measurement. If we have any questions we'll let you know, and in the rare case that the adjustment won't work with the design we'll gladly refund any payments you've made for the piece and the shipping costs.

Q: Help, I've lost an earring! Can I buy just a single one?

A: Yes! This happens, and we're always sad to hear about it but if it's a design we're still capable of producing, we'd love to get you back to a full pair! Since many of our earrings are matched pairs with their own symmetry, if at all possible please send us a snapshot of the one you still have, preferably next to a ruler. That will help us get you a match that looks right. Occasionally we'll ask you to send the single earring back to us, but usually we can work from a snapshot. Single earrings are half the price of a full pair plus a $10 additional charge for the overhead of producing a single piece outside of our normal batch process. Once we’ve confirmed we can make the match, we’ll send an online invoice and a time estimate.

Q: May I come by your studio to pick up my jewelry, or to visit and shop?

A: While we love to meet our lovely customers and collectors, we're a tiny crew working at full tilt and we need to stay focused to get it all done. We kindly ask that when purchasing through the studio you work with us through the mail, as that's the most efficient way for us to get the pieces to you. However, we'd love to see you at a show! If you're not on our mailing list yet, feel free to sign up here: 


and you'll hear from us when there's something coming up!